(Editors note: Taken from MutantBrain. Excuse any typos in the game.)

Made by Tyler and Emily Garman for the #17th GMC JAM!

Controls: ‘WASD’ or Arrow keys to move, and use the mouse to interact with characters.
The goal of the game is to stop a murder from happening. You learn about the suspects and try to stop the murderer before a girl dies and you loop back in time.
The girl dies at exactly the time the two clocks on your HUD synchronize, and you get looped back.
I barely got the game playable in the four hours I had today to work on it.

I hope you like it, I personally like the isometric style, I’ve never worked with isometric stuffs before.
Protip: Just for fun, talk to Billy at the Mountain Man hamburger shop, he has some funny dialogue.
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Red Rouge

So this is a game I made for a guy for this Secret Santa shindig, the game is a short, but I may extend it later. For now, here is a slightly edited version of the game. (The original version didn’t have my name copyrighting it)
There is an android version too, it’s not windowed (obviously) so it gives a more immersive experience.
I will make a settings area for the windows and android versions later.


The Sky Is Not On Fire


The Sky Is Not Really on Fire is easily my favorite game i’ve ever made. You shoot monsters, collect foods, run around and jump in portals!

And, you get a new RANDOM weapon every couple seconds!

Did I mention there are hats? Yeah, there are hats. Despite this game being so awesome it’s actually far from done, There are many features yet to come, but I would love if you tried the game out! There is currently an HTML5 edition!1

Controls: Use the W, A, S, and D letter keys to move, Use the mouse to aim, Left click to shoot, ‘P’ to pause, f10 to take a screenshot, escape to quit to menu, use mouse to navigate the menu.
Controller (Gamepad) controls: Left Joystick to move, Right Joystick to aim, R1 or Right shoulder button to fire, START to pause, BACK to quit to menu. Same controls on menu, but you can also use A to click buttons.
Unfinished Wiki


1There is an HTML5 edition was made very poorly and only works for two very specific screen sizes, it also does not include all the features and effects of the windows version. If you really want to try it, you can find the links here.